it's canada day weekend! celebrate by...

Hey Friends! Robin, here. It's Canada Day long weekend. Your weekend might be filled with bbq hangs, cottage getaways, and toasts with friends and family, revelling in how lucky we are to be Canadian!

Yes. We are lucky. B U T // that luck was built on a pretty dark, tragic, and under-acknowledged past. 

For those of you that know me - I'm super sensitive and am always feeling the feels of the ever shifting socio-political climate. Reflecting on Canada Day, I couldn't help but feel the weight of our Indigenous history, and how our government's (past... and arguably present) actions echo the current migrant crisis at the Texas/Mexico border.

I messaged my beautiful friend, Jasmin Glaw, asking how I can support our Indigenous Peoples. She sent me this KILLER LIST. 

So here's my challenge to you: celebrate by CLICKING ON EVERY LINK. Learn some NECESSARY shit. Spend your money, energy and time on/with/for Indigenous people so that we can collectively, with real impact, continue to work towards RECONCILIATION. And talk about it at your Canada Day celebrations, ya?

And now, words and wisdom from Jasmin :

happy 151 years of colonization folkx!
(aka happy canada day!)

As we roll out our Canadia branded towels, rep our red and white, maple leafed bucket hats and other hilarious merchandise to celebrate Canada let’s not forget the First Peoples who stewarded this land we now call home… you know, because those people are still here! 12 000 plus years later, and Indigenous people continue to rise. 
Canada Day can host many meanings and feelings for people. For newcomers, it can be a new experience to celebrate a country that has offered friendship and refugee. For born and raised Canadians, it can be a celebration of identity via backyard beers and BBQs at the cottage. However, amongst these celebrations there are also those who do not see today as celebration, but more so a day marking of invasion, cultural genocide, appropriation, disease, broken promises, trauma… the list goes on. 

Everyone has rationale in regards to how they tackle, enjoy or spend their Canada day… be open and appreciative toward all perspectives and all walks of life.

celebrate by… supporting indigenous businesses //

1)     Raven Reads (Online)

  • RECONCILIATION. ONE PAGE AT A TIME. A beautifully curated collection of Indigenous literature and giftware delivered to your doorstep each season.

2)     Cheekbone Beauty (Online)

  • Canadians are beautiful people and many have no idea this funding gap exists. The truth is First Nations children get 30-50% less funds for education than the rest of Canadian children.

  • Cheekbone Beauty will be supporting First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada with 10% of profits from all purchases.

3)     Cedar Basket @ the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (Tkaronto)

4)     Skwachays Lodge Gift Shop (Vancouver)

5)     Inkdigenous (Tkaronto)

6)     Manitobah Mukluks (Winnipeg/Online)


celebrate by… tuning into indigenous peoples sounds and stories //

1)     imagineNATIVE

  • The world's largest presenter of Indigenous screen content. The organization is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for excellence and innovation in programming and as the global centre for Indigenous media arts

2)     Unreserved Podcast on CBC

3)     Missing and Murdered Podcast CBC

4)     Reclaimed on CBC Music

5)     Revolutions Per Minute a PLETHORA of Indigenous musicians for your ears.


celebrate by… educating yourself //

1)     What is a land acknowledgement?

2)     What is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and what are the TRC: Calls To Action

3)     What do Indigenous youth have to say about their futures? Feathers of Hope

4)     What does the international community have to say about the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? UNDRIP

5)     What does Canada have to say about Indigenous communities and reconciliation over the next 150 years?#Next150Challenge

6)     What does it mean when someone talks about the child welfare system in Canada and how it’s failing Indigenous children and youth? Jordan’s Principle

7)    Where do I read more human stories about Indigenous peoples, from Indigenous perspectives?:


celebrate by… eating at indigenous restaurants //

1)     Nish Dish (Tkaronto)

2)     Pow Wow Café (Tkaronto)

3)     Salmon and Bannock (Vancouver)

4)     Lelem (Richmond, BC)

Robin Lacambra