november vibes forecast


Clair is a tarot reader and movement guide instructor @goodbodyfeel. Using body movement to contemplate self-connection and practice self-compassion. You can find most of her virtual activity on instagram: @invulvedtarot

INFP| HSP| EMPATH| Cancer Sun| Aries Moon| Capricorn Rising| Queer| She/They

Card Pulled: Page of Wands

Month: November

Themes: Creative vision, Shadow work, subconscious, Artistic, Enthusiasm


 The weather is cooling off as we begin to slow down astrologically as well seasonally. Last month we were discovering what creates harmony. We learned that finding and implementing harmony might make us feel uneasy. We learned that we survive discomfort and that being different can be embraced. That opposites can cohabit and still create peace and that tolerance is possible and a must to move forward to access our humanity.   

 The Page of Wands encourages us to renew our enthusiasm and passion towards our personal creative vision. Mercury Retrograde is here and instead of using this time to fear the slow down and possible miscommunication can we use this time also to uncover our dreams to acknowledge what is deep and wide within us? Page of Wands says a big YES.

 Astrologers caution that it is not a great time to sign large contracts, move to a different location, or that there is likely to be miscommunication. We can expect at this time that travel times are longer than normal, that detours are possible and technology begins to act funky. A society attached to our devices for better or for worse it may be an awesome time to reflect in the sign of investigative Scorpio. I encourage discerning these suggestions and use this deeply reflective time to decide what is best for you. It is a good time to practice more patience and express ourselves mindfully.

 Society is not particularly comfortable with feelings and feelings that are deep and wide. Society is also not comfortable with introversion and reflection. I believe that the Hermit season of Virgo was preparing us for this time. Mercury Retrograde slows us down to turn within once again to review our dreams in the sign of Scorpio. Meditating on the Page of Wands helps us to do this more readily and willingly knowing that we will extrovert once again. 

What emotions and feelings linger underneath it all? Who are you when no one is around? When you don’t have to play a role or be responsible for someone’s else's life ie./ children, elderly? Scorpio rules the subconscious mind, death and transformation. What inside you wants to surface and voice itself and tell you the truth of who you are? This is a good time to ask yourself a lot of questions of what you are trying to communicate out in the world.  

What is transforming so that you can be MORE of yourself? What are those things that you keep hidden from the world? Scorpio paired with Page of Wands suggests that those may be the very things that show you your strengths and also where you can find your inner child hiding and it has messages for you.  

If you like you can use the new moon in Scorpio to highlight what is changing within you and to acknowledge the dreams that play in the dark. You can use the full moon to acknowledge what is shedding from your personality and what is already manifesting around you.

It is an optimal time to get rid of things that you have not used in the last year, whether that is habits, ideas, and / or things as we move into the sign of Sagittarius. On November 22 we begin to open up again to our inner philosophies about life and what makes life worth the adventure and taking risks to conjure deeper connection with our immediate surroundings and how we relate to the concept of enlightenment and the evolution of human consciousness. 

It is important to note as we move into our darkness that there are points of light alerting us to our very unique paths of illumination. I do recommend reading about Mercury Retrograde to give context but also using your discernment  during a perhaps Mercurial heavy time. With Scorpio intuition is heightened and there are messages already within you waiting for your attention on how to best harness your dreams. Think of it as ‘soul maintenance’ bringing piercing awareness to your true values and visions.