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an easy way to think about meals

As a nutritionist, I often get asked what we’re supposed to be eating amongst all the conflicting health information out there. I believe this question can stem from feeling out of control around food, so we go looking for food rules that will make it easier to ‘stay on track’. Whether on track means of a diet, lifestyle, goals, weight loss, or whatever else, it's often a tool to further restrict how we eat.

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make your own: sauerkraut

I'm all about the DIY, especially when it comes to fermented foods that are normally crazy expensive to buy, but crazy delicious to eat. 

We've talked kombucha on this blog before, and if you're interested in making your own check out that post. But maybe kombucha isn't your thing or you're looking to branch out? Great! Because the feel-good bacteria don't stop there, and can be found in the best sandwich, salad or breakfast topper ever: sauerkraut. 

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