We are dedicated to creating accessible classes through mindful sequencing and considerate language. Experience our brand of blended movement, harmonizing pilates, yoga and mobility for that #goodbodyfeel.

// Mats provided. Clothes to borrow if needed. Just bring your body.


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CANCELLATION POLICY // Please cancel your reservation with at least 6 hours notice. Any cancellations with less than 6 hours notice will be charged the value of the class.

Thank you!

// $5-15

Pay what you can for these classes. Finances should not be a barrier to finding good-body-feel.

// Pilates

Strengthen your centre through integrated core work. Discover the power of your breath. Move your spine. Fire up your abs. Mobilize and stabilize your hips. Let your centre support you in all of your movements, your actions, your experience.

This class has minimal/no weight bearing on hands (plank) or loaded knee flexion (lunges, squats).

// Pilates+Yoga

Tune into the power of your lower body. Connect to earth through the awareness of your feet on the ground, strength of your legs and mobility of your hips. Flow through bridges, elevator clamshells, lunges and squats.

Oh yes. Squats.

// Pilates+Yoga

Tap into your upper body strength and mobility. Tall spine. Open chest. Supported wrists. Stable shoulders. Strong arms. So much strength can be cultivated using your body weight and simple props.

Be ready. We’ll be planking!

// Pilates+Yoga

A class dedicated to the challenging work of slow, subtle and steady progression. Each class focuses on a movement or a set of specific movements, breaks them down into their essential components and then builds you up to performing them with ease, stability and integrity. There will be work + effort at a sustainable pace - capped off by a glorious comedown under twinkly lights. 

Designed to build body awareness + connection as a foundation for more complex, faster paced movements. An awesome class for folks wanting to chillax / increase mobility / expand range of motion / build proprioception / diminish pain.

// Pilates+Yoga

Be Whole combines the elements of Be Centred, Be Grounded, Be Lifted and Be Chill - a moving and rhythmic meditation to help us acknowledge the magic and power of our breathing body. This class moves through a targeted build-up to a fire-y and cathartic peak. It ends with a sweet release and mindful stillness.

// Pilates+Yoga

Be Wild is a rotating class - this will either be a Be Centred, Be Grounded or Be Lifted class, depending on the day and the teacher.
Come ready to move!

// Pilates+Running

All levels welcome! Join us at the studio for 30 minutes of targeted strength work; fire up your core, strengthen your upper body, and feel AWAKE before heading out for a 3km run.

Move your body in all the ways, combining strength with cardio in the sweet outdoors.

Show up for the targeted strength, show up for the run, or show up for BOTH.

// Cardio+Pilates

Bounce around and tap into some playful energy with this fun and full-bodied BOSU class. We'll start with 15mins of mindful, targeted movements to turn on the various muscle groups that will help us bounce with integrity. We'll move into 35min of cardio, jumping on, off and around the BOSU to get the heart rate pumping, fluids circulating and giggles flowing. We'll cap it off with 10min of ooey-gooey stretches to cool it all down. Leave feeling like you can float on out into the rest of your day.

// Pilates+Yoga

This workshop is for folx identifying as Indigenous, Black, or People of Colour. /// Move amoung other melanated bodies. Feel stronger in your body. Create more space in your body. GET embodied and TAKE UP more space.

The class style will be a wild card, i.e. whatever the energy calls for. Robin, Stylo and Clairandean will rotate teaching each week.

// Pilates+Yoga

Stay Golden is a class dedicated to folks 60+. Continue aging with strength and grace. The intention of this class is to cultivate or maintain strength and mobility of joints, keep our pelvic floor in check and our mind/spirit bright. Let this be our rebellion against an ageist world and "fitness industry". You are strong, worthy, fit, brilliant and beautiful. You are golden.

// Pilates

An hour of butt busting / ab firing / arm awakening / spirit boosting moves, set to ooey-gooey R&B tunes. This class has become a community favourite, because we giggle while working through our shit and leave feeling sweatier, stronger and connected.

// Pilates+Yoga

Take time to connect with your breath, your body, your babe and build community in this class for caregivers and their littlest ones. With a focus on re-training the breath, mobilizing the spine, getting your shoulders and hips moving, having fun and feeling GOOD. Each week we will build up the postpartum body (even if you didn't deliver a baby yourself, this work is still great for all humans) for the demand of taking care of an infant. Holding, rocking, feeding, picking up, putting down.... it's a lot or work, and we have a method at GOODBODYFEEL to help support you.

Class is 50 minutes, with time included to chat, connect and giggle with others. Please note, GOODBODYFEEL is on the second floor, and therefore up a flight of stairs. However,  there is room to park strollers, and we are happy to assist you if you want to bring them up. Pre-walking babes preferred!

// Pilates+Yoga

This class is chill with some sneaky fire. It takes the Be Centred / Be Grounded / Be Lifted sequences and slows it right down with more ooey gooey breaks. Work, but be chill about it.

90’s CHILL
// Pilates+Yoga

The Be Chill vibes of slow, steady effort mashed up with the sweet nostalgic sounds of a 90s chill lounge. We move + groove slowly to start then build to a full body yoga-pilates hypnotic flow // subtle sneaky strength sequence. Lunge, lounge, luxuriate in the be chill zone.

// Yoga

Slow, strong and open flow. Based on the elements of sun salutations, but deconstructed and paced for deeper awareness. Spend time in the shapes your body can make and salute your soul.

GBF at the AGH
// Yoga

Enjoy mindful movement among the visual inspiration of the AGH! All sessions begin with an intimate 30-minute tour of one of the AGH’s current exhibitions.

All 8 Sessions: AGH & GOODBODYFEEL Members: $80 | General: $100 (October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20)
Individual Sessions: $14

Register with AGH HERE.

// Pilates+Yoga

A special movement class for 2SLGBTQ++ looking to move together in safety + solidarity. Each class offers a fab blend of active movement with a splendid wind down and relaxation - followed up by a social + community hang. All classes are led by queer, trans and/or BIPOC folk. Move your bodies with us and let us hear your bold QT voice to help us build an inclusive space in our GBF home.

// Dance

A fun and exciting Caribbean workout. Rhythms to make you MOVE and FEEL GOOD in your body.

Sliding scale available - please contact us for more information.

// Pilates+Yoga

Wake up and begin anew with this sunrise practice blending yoga and pilates. The class begins with a slow gentle call to embodiment and then progressively builds to a warm, steady strength and flow series. Root your day with the practice // rise and shine bright with the sun.

// Movement

A circuit-style class that uses everything from the Pilates reformer (you know you've always wanted to try it!) to BOSUs, dowels, yoga blocks and balls, all the balls. After a group warm-up, we'll break into stations moving through a diverse movement practice that is as playful and curious as it is challenging and never, ever boring. We'll all come together at the end for some ooey-gooey release.

Think of this class as the date your body has always wanted you to take it on. Have fun, get to know each other, grow together, laugh together, be friends.