Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 145 Main Street East in Hamilton, on the second floor (up 22 steps) of a beautiful building downtown. This is just before the Main St. E / Walnut St. intersection.

The front door is unlocked with a code … how do I get it?

The front door code is emailed to you when you sign up for a class on MindBody. However, if you have opted out of emails, or are just dropping in to a class, you would not receive it. Please email us with plenty of time before class, at or call 289-426-2695 for the code. Please note that if you email with less than 25 minutes before class, you may not get an immediate response with the code.

It’s my first time … what do I do?

RELAX. BREATHE EASY. There is nothing for you to worry about!

Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts. Take your shoes off at the front door, and come in to the front desk. This allows the instructor to sign you in, give you a quick studio tour, and complete your payment. This also allows you time to change, get yourself situated, and get any water/beverage you may need.

Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable, and that you can move around in. A comfortable shirt and pants/shorts are your best bet. Socks are not necessary, and shoes are not worn in the studio.

After you’re signed in, grab a mat, and wait for class to start. Remember - this is about you feeling good about what you’re doing. Nothing else matters!

What do I wear?

What do you feel comfortable moving in? What clothing makes you feel confident in your body? We would suggest that you wear clothing that allows you to move your body, and that you feel comfortable breaking a bit of a sweat in.

We have clean, gently used “athletic” clothing at our studio, that is free for anyone to use. If you forget a clothing item or don’t have one, please feel free to borrow! We also have hair ties, because, you know, hair is wild.

Do I need to bring anything for class?

YES! Yourself, and an open mind. We would also recommend a reusable beverage container, but we have cups available and a water and coffee station at the studio.

You DO NOT need to bring a yoga mat. We supply them at the studio. Phew.

What is your bathroom situation?

We have two bathrooms: a large private bathroom that includes a shower, as well as a multi-stall gender neutral bathroom.

What are sliding scale classes?

Ah. We’re so glad you asked.

Sliding scale classes give you the opportunity to pay whatever you can for a class. This is our way of ensuring that our classes are as accessible as possible, and that anyone can come to class, regardless of their financial situation.

Our sliding scale classes range from $5-20, including tax. You pay when you arrive at the studio. No one is judged based on how much they are able to pay for a class. We just want you to be able to come to our space.

How do I pay for class?

You can either pay for class online before you arrive, by credit card or e-transfer. You can also pay for class when you arrive, by cash, e-transfer or credit card. We do not currently accept debit.

Do I have to sign-up for a class online to come?

Nope! That being said, signing up in advance allows the instructor the ability to set the class up for you. This also ensures that you have a spot in class and you don’t get put on the waitlist, as select classes tend to get pretty full.

We of course allow drop-ins. Please just make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class.

Where do I park?

There is a parking lot located to the west of our building between Main St. and King St., which you can park in for a nominal fee. There is also metered street parking in front of our building, where you can park as long as it’s not during ‘rush hour’ (7am-9am or 4pm-6pm).

Our studio is also located right across from the HSR bus stop at Main St. E and Walnut St.

Do you sell gift cards?

We DO. You can buy them from our MindBody website, or you can contact us for more info.

I don’t feel comfortable being in photos/social media posts. Can I still come?

OF COURSE. Being in a cute Instagram pic is NOT a requirement to move in your body.

Please let the instructor know (or email us before class) if you would prefer to not be in any media. No hard feelings!

I need to cancel my class/I can’t remember my log-in for MindBody/AHHH!

If you have any issues at all, email us ASAP at We will do our best to get things figured out ASAP.

Do you have an elevator?

At this current time, we don’t. Because accessibility is truly very important to us, we offer privates and can come to you. Normally we would charge a travel fee, but for anyone that books a private because they cannot access the building, we will waive the travel fee. We don’t want to turn anyone away from experiencing GOODBODYFEEL due to a barrier such as this.

I have an injury … can I still come to class?

Depending on your injury - yes. Of course, it’s best to check with your healthcare provider before getting the go ahead for ANY physical activity. Especially if this is a new or acute injury.

If it’s a smaller injury, one that is chronic, or one that only flares up sometimes, please let the teacher know before class starts, and let them know what the injury is.

Also - use your common sense! Our classes are structured by area of the body. If you have a sore wrist, doing a Be Lifted class (upper body focus, with lots of planks) is NOT your best bet. Take a look at the class type before you sign up.

I’m pregnant. Can I come to class?

Again, this depends. We definitely encourage movement for all humans, especially those that are creating humans! As above, please check with your healthcare provider before attending class.

While we do not currently have pre-natal specific classes, there are many classes that would be beneficial for your body while pregnant. For the most part of your pregnancy, the Be Centred class would be a great class to attend. Depending on your stamina or energy levels on any given day, the Be Grounded lower-body focused class would be very helpful. Building that lower body strength is so important for life in general, and especially for labour.

All of our classes are easily modifiable. Instructors like Robin and Jo have the most experience with perinatal movement.

LISTEN to your body, and realize what does / does not feel good. Also, please note that your pregnant body will be more mobile than usual, and take care in whatever pose/posture you’re in.

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