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November 16th // 4-8pm
$75 // Sliding scale spots available
with Robin Lacambra

Anti-oppression work should be at the core of every community and every space where groups of people gather. It is important that any individual, leading groups of people, has some awareness around anti-oppression efforts. This work starts with acknowledging one's own privilege, becoming aware of systematic oppression and where on the spectrum (of privilege and oppression) different groups land.

In this workshop, we will explore ways we can sustainably share our individual privilege to create more access and abundance for more people - especially the groups of people that are often left out of the conversation or are under-represented in western wellness worlds. This work is an on-going ever evolving conversation. There is no pretty packaged parcel that guarantees an offence-free, trigger-free, perfect outcome. Instead, what we all should strive for in anti-oppression work is earnest effort, attuned listening skills, ability to receive feedback, accountability and mindful response.

Let's dive in and do the work in a compassionate and judgement-free space.

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