Schedule & Curriculum 

The GOODBODYFEEL Method blends Pilates, yoga, empowerment and community. Inspired by founder Robin Lamarr’s 11+ teacher trainings and social advocacy, GBFTT explores the intersection between an embodied practice and community engagement.

GBFTT looks at yoga through a decolonized and modern lens while teaching Pilates and mobility work with conscious sequencing and language. The aim is to deliver you to a place where you can courageously dive deeper and find joy in movement - find joy in your body.

The GOODBODYFEEL 200-Hour Teacher Training Program provides the foundation necessary to not only develop a fulfilling self-practice but to guide others to do the same. It unpacks the topics of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, ritual, rhythm and community and looks at the roles they play in creating a meaningful movement experience. On a more intuitive level, you’ll learn to open up space so you can listen to your higher self; tune in to what your body needs rather than fixating on what it looks like; and be kind to and compassionate toward yourself, understanding that your needs and abilities are in a constant state of flux. You’ll experience the transformative effects that come from making mindful movement your embodied ritual.


S C H E D U L E 2 0 2 0

April 3 // 7-9pm

  • Introductions

  • Course Overview + Requirements

Saturday + Sunday // 1-7pm

  • April 4+5

  • April 25+26

  • May 30+31

  • June 27+28

  • July 25+26

  • August 29+30

  • September 26+27

  • October 24+25

  • November 28+29

  • December 5+6




Get centred. Find your breath. Move your spine. Fire up your core. Stabilize your hips. Let your centre support you in all of your movements, your actions, your experiences.

This module sets the foundation that will inform how you can find alignment, stability and integrity in your shapes and movements.


Get grounded. Tune into your lower body. Connect to earth through the awareness of your feet on the ground and power of your legs. Stay rooted in your embodied experience.

Explore the gamut of lower body work, from self-massage techniques to fire squats.


Discover your upper body strength and mobility. So much strength can be cultivated using your body weight and simple props.

Get in depth with the power and importance of PREP work so that joints feel ready and supported during their work. Example, do your wrists hurt in plank or downward dog? You’ll come away with tools on how plank pain-free!


Find your flow. Find your voice. Get synch'd with breath, rhythm and language. Learn how to create intelligent sequences and how to adjust them to suit whoever shows up in your room.



Because it's not just about the moves. It's so much more than that. The moves are the gateway. Beyond them lies depth, transformation, connection, empowerment.

Let's go T H E R E.

Our Beyond Movement lectures include: Sharing Privilege with Robin Lacambra, Eating Disorder Awareness with Body Brave, Meditation with Natalie Mattias, Trauma Awareness with Christopher Bourke, Self-Care with Michelle Cordeiro and more.


R E A D I N G & R E S O U R C E S

Here are some books to consider to supplement your learning during this program :

Anatomy of Movement (required)
New Rules of Posture
Getting Our Bodies Back (highly recommended)
Eastern Body Western Mind

Here are some of our favourite teachers, blogs & podcasts :

Awake in the World Podcast by Michael Stone
Tara Brach
Yoga Detour
Mindful Strength Podcast by Kathryn Bruni-Young
Liberated Body Podcast
Nutritious Movement by Katy Bowman
Dianne Bondy