Our teachers are students and practitioners of the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method, created by Robin Lamarr. GBF is a culmination of Robin’s 11+ trainings with Yoga Detour, MisfitMethod, Downward Dog Yoga Studio, Balanced Body and Mindful Movement Centre.



robin lamarr

Robin Lamarr is the founder of GOODBODYFEEL and the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method. She is a yoga and Pilates educator, community activist and an eager student of diverse movement practices. She began her yoga journey in 2005 and has since completed more than 700 hours of education, including a one-on-one mentorship with Mindful Movement's Leslie Parker, every training Downward Dog Yoga offers, Yoga Detour’s comprehensive approach to building a safe, strong and sustainable movement practice, as well as MISFITMETHOD’s unique blend of yoga, pilates and dance. In 2017, she began cultivating a movement+wellness community, rooted in radical inclusion and accessibility. As a woman of colour, Robin is committed to changing the look and feel of North America’s movement industry.


michelle cordeiro

Michelle Cordeiro is a student of the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method (GBF) and a long time lover of feel good movement. With a background in Holistic Nutrition, Michelle has found her voice in prioritizing what intuitively feels good in your body, and works to bring these feels into each one of her classes. Through GOODBODYFEEL’s teacher training, Michelle has fallen in love with how blending pilates with yoga can create an ebb and flow of strength and ease. Inspired by Robin Lamarr’s vision and style of teaching, Michelle was compelled to join GOODBODYFEEL Movement Studio where she found her voice, her movement, her community and is eager to share this in a way that is accessible and inclusive throughout Hamilton.

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danielle hitchcock

Danielle found yoga in 2008. She fell in love with its meditative, healing aspects instantly. In 2013 she completed a 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Space in Toronto. Studying yoga philosophy under Hali Schwartz opened her eyes to what she instinctively knew: we are all the same underneath that ego and baggage we carry around.

She is currently completing the 200 hour GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method with Robin Lamarr. Robin’s teaching has empowered her to feel strong in every sense of the word and she looks forward to spreading that feeling.

Danielle’s philosophy in movement is the same as in life: It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it matters how it makes you feel. 


brittany erin rose

Brittany has been a classically trained dance artist in Hamilton for over 20 years. Exploring creative expression through movement, her goal is to help others find spiritual and emotional release through GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method. 

Currently en route to completing her 200hr GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method Teacher Training, her classes will be geared toward mindfulness and breath, reclaiming your time, energy and light. Through interesting soundtracks, get ready to drop in and rise up with fierce purpose, inspired action and a whole lot of soul! 


jo gale

Jo Gale is a movement teacher who blends yoga and Pilates in her practice. She started teaching in 2013, and has since accumulated over 600 hours of training, including Yoga Detour and Body Harmonics certification programs. Most of her movement education has been under the wing of Amber Joliat, the creator of Toronto’s MISFITSTUDIO. Recently, Jo has been diving deeper into the Body Positive movement and tries to carry body inclusivity and love through her teaching. Her ethos: Movement is a way to celebrate your body, not change it superficially. Jo is thrilled to be part of the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method faculty and to support Robin and her overall vision for the program.


caitlyn gambacort

Caitlyn has been pursuing movement in all of its forms since an early age, primarily through organized sports and running. While completing a degree in Kinesiology at McMaster University, she discovered her passion for strength building and cardiovascular conditioning, going on to complete the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist program in 2014.  She began practicing yoga through her time at McMaster, but found it challenging to combine her strength building practices with the more bendy aspects of traditional yoga. After years of trying to find a teacher training program that called to her, or room temperature classes that she found challenging, she discovered Robin Lamarr and Ritual Island in 2017. Caitlyn quickly signed up for everything that Robin offered, and has immersed herself in Robin's distinct teaching style, being a part of the first GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method Teacher Training. Caitlyn is excited to share her knowledge of movement and of the body with her hometown Hamilton community, and to continue learning about herself through movement.

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kasey maguire

Kasey began her mindful movement practice in 2010 and started instructing after her first Pilates teacher training in 2012. Initially, she was drawn to the role of mindful movement in maintaining physical health and creating body awareness but is increasingly interested in the role movement plays in healing bodies not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. She firmly believes that to move is to heal.

Blending yoga and Pilates, her goal with every class is to have students move with integrity so they can experience balance and strength in the body they bring to class. She is currently completing GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method’s inaugural 200-hr. teacher training.


jasmine smikle

Jasmine found herself diving deeper into mindful movement while dealing with grief and a recurring injury. A longtime mover, group fitness lover, and woman of colour, she was immediately drawn to Robin Lamarr’s approach to creating accessible and inclusive experiences through decolonized wellness platforms, and promptly joined the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method.

Jasmine wants to create and cultivate safe spaces for those who might feel disenfranchised from the wellness industry; perhaps due to their skin colour, body shape, or socioeconomic status. Jasmine’s hope is to help bring more pleasure into people’s everyday lives--through environment, food, and especially movement.


christopher bourke

Christopher discovered yoga quite unexpectedly during graduate school in 2007. What began as a mild curiosity soon blossomed into a deeper exploration of what connects us as humans, what helps us heal ourselves, and what supports us during difficult times in our lives.  Christopher carried this inquiry into his 200 hour yoga teacher training program in 2016 with Queen Street Yoga. A unique and forward thinking program that emphasized movement as well as antioppressive practices in teaching.
His early education highlighted the importance of expressing your unique self and reducing barriers that make yoga + movement inaccessible to others.  Christopher brings wisdom and humour to his teaching and endeavours to offer classes that are lighthearted, supportive and above all, inviting to all bodies, abilities and uniqueness. He teaches with the hope of helping individuals rebuild connection to their bodies, expand their range of motion, and reduce the impact of stress on their nervous system
Lead by the spirit of inclusion Christopher has embarked on nearly 500 hours of training in therapeutic yoga, mindful strength + mobility work, the tensegrity repair series, and deep restorative breath work + self-massage. He has been incredibly fortunate to train with innovative movement educators like Susi Hately, Kathryn Bruni Young, Jill Miller, Trudy Austin, Andrea Soos and Jessy Enright. Couple this movement education with nearly a decade of mental health professional experience, Christopher's practice is rooted in well informed wisdom that supports recovery and helps individuals hone their greatest resource - presence.  

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lisa gayhart

Lisa Gayhart is moving from curious student to new teacher with the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method Teacher Training. Lisa believes in the power and impact of community through movement, both in person and online. After more than a decade in technology and higher education, Lisa is interested in exploring how to build and sustain enriching and engaging online movement. Lisa believes that online spaces can expand the reach of feel good, accessible movement beyond studio walls, as well as sustain and enrich in-person communities. Join Lisa from wherever you are and get that goodbodyfeel.

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melissa reid

Melissa has worked in the healthcare field for the past 18 years as a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Athletic Therapist and Registered Kinesiologist. Working with various University Athletes, Cirque du Soleil performers and spent time working with patients that have suffered acquired brain injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Her experience as a therapist brings a unique take on injury prevention and movement practice.

She was drawn to the Ritual Movement because of how the movement practice preps the body before taking the body to the next level, therefor making it accessible to more people. As a therapist she finds movement is the missing link to feeling good in your body.


stylo starr

Stylo Starr found movement while undertaking her BFA back in 2005, but always felt hesitant to participate freely in yoga and pilates spaces. As a woman of colour, Stylo found difficulty ‘fitting in’ in fitness and wellness studios due largely in part to a severe lack of people of colour representation on staff, and in studio membership.

Starr joined the GOODBODYFEEL Teacher Training in 2018 with the intentions of shifting visibility in the movement and wellness industry. She joined the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Studio earlier this year as a teacher trainer, and is eager to move and grow with the family. As an emerging visual artist, she hopes to further investigate the links between moving, feeling good in the body, their effects on creativity -- and what happens when you’re able to do it all in one studio.

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phoebe taylor

Phoebe is an artist, mover and community activator. She found her home to weave these things together at GOODBODYFEEL and is currently completing her 200hr training with the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method.

Phoebe’s goal as a teacher is to encourage you to step inside your body and feel grounded, and forget the rest. If you have forgotten about your to-do list for even one moment, she’s done her job as a teacher.

She believes plaid is a neutral, doing squats WILL help defeat the patriarchy and every body deserves to feel good. Even yours.