I was introduced to Robin on Facebook, when we both commented on a mutual friend's question about helping her lower back pain with movement. I vaguely recognized Robin because she taught at a studio I frequented in Toronto, where I'm based. I had been thinking long and hard about doing this studio's teacher training program, but never took the plunge... Although I was there often, I know now that  I subconsciously felt slightly uncomfortable in that space. I felt instantly connected to Robin, and applied for GBFTT after a couple of days of thinking. 

What ensued was a wild ride of self-discovery that goes far beyond "movement".  It has been a challenging experience for me, backdropped with the trials that inevitably come up in life, but has made me a stronger everything. My least favourite part about this training is that it's over. But, I feel like I am armed with a methodology that will only deepen and as I grow, and an experience that I'll never forget.

- Jasmine Smikle, GBFTT 2018 Alumni

I signed up for the GBFTT program because (after meeting Robin only once...) my gut told me that her vision for the program was something I needed to be a part of. I was looking for another modality that aligned with my current work at Inland Island, and I took a leap of faith with her (and if you've met Robin, you know this is easy to do). The level of trust I had with her so quickly in our relationship she gave back to me wholeheartedly (and then some!) from day one. And I know this isn't just unique to me. My expectations (I think it's obvious) were EXTREMELY high. I thought this program was going to be this life-altering, magical adventure and LET ME TELL YOU, it has been so much more than I could've hoped.

Signing up for GBFTT is the greatest investment I've ever made in myself. Period. The relationships I've made with the other woman in the program (both those taking the program, and those facilitating) are like none other.

We were encouraged to start teaching very early on in an extremely gentle way, and this has created so much confidence in my own voice both on and off the mat. The support you get from this program and those invested in it is HUGE, so if you're looking to enter a community where confidence and love are given and taken in equal measure (you gotta be willing to give it!) this is so very much for you. Seeing the growth (personal, professional, emotional) in each and every person gives me goosebumps and makes me teary to think about. I signed up for this program feeling like I wasn't flexible or strong enough to ever teach, and if that's you too, you'll quickly realize that you are good enough as you are - wherever that may be - you just gotta show up. Community is EVERYTHING.

- Michelle Cordeiro, GBFTT 2018 Alumni

I had signed up for the GOODBODYFEEL teacher training because I wanted to implement a movement component to my Athletic Therapy/RMT practice. Some of my patients were too scared to go to just any studio because of pre-existing injuries/conditions. So I wanted to bridge that gap and Robin’s unique way of layering movement to make them accessible to everyone really drew me in. I was expecting to learn of all Robin’s movement magic, Physiology from Emily, Anatomy from Marcelle and Jo’s ability to make movement flow in an accessible way and yes I did learn those things but it was soooo much more! I wasn’t expecting the self development component of the course. That is what surprised me the most but so important as I have come out on the other side of this incredible journey. Robin and the instructors give so much to the students. I know it’s like no other teacher training out there. I feel that they have prepared us to teach at our own pace and gave us so many opportunities to grow and teach. Robin’s unique method allows each student to find their own voice in their own way. You are not just teaching like a robot when you finish. You have your own unique way because Robin has paved the way for you to find your own path.

There are so many interesting guests that are brought in to give a different perspectives, tools or outlooks, that can all be incorporated into your practice.

If you are sitting on the fence about diving into this program, I say cannon ball in you will not be disappointed and you might also be surprised at the person who comes out on the other side…

- Melissa Reid, GBFTT 2018 Alumni

Robin was an early adopter of the Yoga Detour approach from the very beginning. I remember sitting in a Costa Rican cafe together in 2015, and as I told her about the program her eyes widened, a smile appeared, and she told me that what I was about to create would be a game-changer for the yoga community. Shortly after, Robin enrolled in the inaugural class of Yoga Detour Teacher Training. Her unceasing enthusiasm, bottomless desire to learn, along with her dedication to asking questions and getting to the bottom of real, authentic understanding made her an asset to that class. Since then, I've watched Robin's work truly evolve and become her own. She commands a room with such warmth, sequencing classes that leave people not only feeling incredible but understanding more about their own bodies. Robin is truly a gem - anyone with the chance to learn from her would be remiss not to take advantage of that opportunity.

- Cecily Milne, creator of Yoga Detour

I remember the day I met Robin, it was over 10 years ago when she came to Downward Dog Yoga Centre, where I was the General Manager, and asked me about attending one of the yoga retreats we were offering abroad. I knew she was a special soul right from the moment I met her; a love for the yoga practice, a genuine desire to learn, a willingness to help and a strong desire to build community.

Over the years she took ALL of the trainings at Downward Dog and eventually branched out to Pilates, Thai Massage and attended trainings with Yoga Detour, Misfits and others. I think Robin has possibly attended the most trainings out of anyone I know!

What has come of this voracious learning is what she is now teaching and sharing with others; her creative, challenging and informed sequences; her love of community and bringing people together; and her desire to do good and create change in this world. She is a powerful, positive force to be beside and I’m proud to be her colleague and friend and sharing this journey with her.

- Joy Dorsey, founder & director of Be Moved Yoga & Wellness Centre