200hr Teacher Training + Personal Development Program 

Delve deeper into your movement practice. Tap into your voice and learn how to share mindful movement from Y O U R authentic place. Learn how to build safe, dynamic, graceful and challenging sequences that encourage people to come home to their bodies.

The GOODBODYFEEL Method is an approach to physical practice that is radically inclusive and committed to accessibility. This is achieved in the way we sequence our classes, ensuring our bodies have been primed for the work. It is achieved in the language we use, which is trauma-informed, anti-oppressive and all-body-loving. It is achieved in the spaces we endeavour to hold and create.

Feel strong. Feel open. Feel good.



W H A T //

A program that draws on diverse movement and complementary health modalities to create a sustainable, good-body-feel practice

A guidebook of sequences and movement breakdowns, created by Robin Lamarr, inspired by her trainings with MisfitMethod, Yoga Detour, Mindful Movement Centre, and beyond (she takes a training annually and has taken 12 to date!)

A toolkit, including a deck of movements/poses, playlists, educational resources and other sweet goodies to help enhance your practice

An opportunity for one-on-one coaching


F O R  W H O M //

For Y O U .
A human who wants to feel good in their body
A human that wants to explore, dig deeper, play - in community
A human who wants to share the transformative effects of an embodied movement practice

Whether you want to teach or not, whether you've already taken a 200hr training or not, GOODBODYFEEL's program can offer you a new experience, a fresh perspective, a coming-home-to-you. 

W H E N //

Two weekends, every other month from June-December.
Saturdays & Sundays // 1-7pm

See full schedule and curriculum H E R E .

I N V E S T M E N T //

Early Bird
$2990 + hst
register on or before March 15th

Regular Fee
$3200 + hst

$500 non-refundable deposit is due before program start date and will be deducted against your total tuition cost.

Payment plans are available.  Once you pay your deposit, we'll come up with a fee schedule that is realistic for Y O U.

Do you identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour? Then there are special financial considerations for you. It's about time we do something radical to shift the way the movement and wellness industry looks. REPRESENTATION MATTERS and representation happens when we are active about it. We are ACTIVELY seeking YOU out.

You are WANTED and NEEDED to build a more inclusive, diverse, accessible movement community.

Let's create W A V E S.

Click here for sliding scale or scholarship opportunities.