GBF Videos

Welcome to the G O O D B O D Y F E E L video library. In these videos, we explore the GBF Movement Method; yoga-ish, pilates-esque. GBFMM brings the spirit of yoga into a Pilates-style class that focuses on the biomechanics of movement, which develops a lifelong good-body-feel practice. 

Take these videos at your speed. Prioritize good-body-feel over the no-pain-no-gain mentality. Listen to your body's cues. It knows how to take care of you.

feel strong. feel open. feel good.

be centred

Get centred. Find your breath. Move your spine. Fire up your core. Let your centre support you in all of your movements, your actions, your experience.

be grounded

Get grounded. Tune into your lower body. Connect to earth through the awareness of your feet on the ground and power of your legs. Stay rooted in your embodied experience.


be lifted

Do you even lift, bro? You don't need to. Discover your upper body strength and mobility. So much strength can be cultivated using your body weight and gravity, alone.