Dive in deeper into your exploration of movement, mindfulness and community. Check back often to discover what guest teachers we’ve invited or subjects we’re jazzed about.




// June 2 @ 2pm // SLIDING SCALE //

Join Phoebe Taylor for mat-free-weird-dynamic-playful movement. To be boundless. Be unlimited. Be everlasting, unfading, endless. To invest in the investigation of ourselves through community.

PWYC with all proceeds in support of SACHA (Sexual Assault Centre Hamilton).

Come be boundless within ourselves so we can be boundless out in the world.



// June 23 @ 7:45-9pm // $20+hst //

Join Chris Bourke for a deluxe restorative class. This sweet + sublime class serves to melt away your tension and enhance day-to-day self-care.

Whether you're a lover of scream squats or the be chill bliss, this class will teach innovative techniques to enhance oxygen flow, tissue repair & emotional resilience.

Come Be Renewed through slow thoughtful movement, self-massage techniques, guided breath awareness and the most supreme supported restorative poses. All surrounded by the cozy glow of candles and twinkly lights, of course!

Space is limited. Pre-registration is required.