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October 26th // 3pm-5pm
$35 // Sliding scale spots available
with Nicole Catenazzi

The heart speaks fearlessly when we can be brave enough to listen. This hybrid yoga, meditation and writing workshop offers the opportunity for you to connect to your fearless heart. Nicole Catenazzi, passionate writer and heartfelt yoga teacher, will guide you through movements that will unblock physical and emotional tension in your body, plus meditations and expressive writing exercises designed to tenderly meet and release your fears.

This workshop will invite you to step out of your comfort zone and share your vulnerability. Expect to open your body up and write your heart out with:

Intuitive movement beyond the confines of your yoga mat

Focused meditation connecting you to your body, heart and soul

Expressive writing prompts that invite you to let go of judgment and express yourself openly

Expressive writing is a journaling technique in which a person writes continuously for a set period of time without regard to spelling or grammar. It can produce raw and revealing insights and is helpful in overcoming blocks of self-doubt and self-criticism. By joining this workshop, you agree to respect yourself and other participants by approaching this as a 100% judgement-free experience.


Macrame with Mai
November 10th // 4-6pm
$85 // Sliding scale spots available

Join Mai for an intro to Macrame workshop!

Learn basic knotting techniques to create a unique wall hanging from start to finish.

No prior experience required.

All materials (wooden dowel and locally sourced natural rope) included.

But feel free to bring your own driftwood to use ! (approx 16" in length and 1/2-1" in diameter is suggested.)

Start bulking up your handmade skills in time for the holidays!

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November 16th // 4-8pm
$75 // Sliding scale spots available
with Robin Lacambra

Anti-oppression work should be at the core of every community and every space where groups of people gather. It is important that any individual, leading groups of people, has some awareness around anti-oppression efforts. This work starts with acknowledging one's own privilege, becoming aware of systematic oppression and where on the spectrum (of privilege and oppression) different groups land.

In this workshop, we will explore ways we can sustainably share our individual privilege to create more access and abundance for more people - especially the groups of people that are often left out of the conversation or are under-represented in western wellness worlds. This work is an on-going ever evolving conversation. There is no pretty packaged parcel that guarantees an offence-free, trigger-free, perfect outcome. Instead, what we all should strive for in anti-oppression work is earnest effort, attuned listening skills, ability to receive feedback, accountability and mindful response.

Let's dive in and do the work in a compassionate and judgement-free space.