september vibes forecast


Card pulled: Hermit

Month: September

Themes: Solitude, details, revision, routine


The Hermit encourages us to take moments to step back. Stepping back to step inward and notice what your thoughts and feelings are highlighting. Understand that the shift you feel from Leo to Virgo is collective we are being called inward to reflect about the details about our lives and how we navigate in it. What needs to be refined and perfected? I would also like to remind you that perfection is not the goal but being present with the process of perfecting. What are things you can practice to access more sustainability within your emotional realm? 

Know that feeling the wobble between fired up Leo to introverted earthy Virgo is felt by all. We may feel a bit off, shaken, uncomfortable, or down. Know that unfamiliar aspects of yourself is calling you inward; it is the hermit energy highlighting some wisdom that has been growing inside you. What cherished moments nourished your soul during Leo season; what is worth noting? The Hermit invites you to take some time and reflect on those moments and to notice the subtle and not so subtle seasons of change outside and especially within. What has changed inside of you? What has inspired that change? Sometimes extroverted fire to introverted earth can make us feel a bit unknown to ourselves. The Hermit asks us to explore that unknown. 

Virgo is the sign of details and detailed work. Channel Virgo energy to channel sustainable methods of working accessing gentle concentration and commitment, and finding a routine that works. Virgo is about going over and refining. Lets not try to be perfect but use your analytical skills to note what is working for you, and who is working with you. Critical Virgo is known for catching the details. It is the follow through in acts of service. How can we be in service to others by being in service to ourselves? 

Sometimes over analysing can be to our detriment. We may think we are talking about others with facts and truths but really be engaging in judgements and gossip. This is the expression of imbalanced Virgo’s critical thinking. We can be over concerned about the outcome of others while avoiding the inner work that needs to be done. Be mindful to use your critical thinking to create function not drama with others. Use your voice and words to build people up and your analytical skills to investigate the ways you can clock in self-nourishment in your busy day. Its ok to take breaks; the Hermit knows that you are committed to your work. Yes you are doing enough. Try not to do too much, and know your limits to avoid burn out. 

Is there some way to cut down other activities to give yourself undivided attention? Can you stay committed to going with the flow of extroverting and much needed time for introverting? The Hermit energy nudges us to cut away excess and to simplify our whereabouts to focus on the detailing of our inner landscape; something new is showing up.  

On the 13th we have a full moon in Pisces. What dreams and visions are coming into your awareness around this time? Use your analytical skills here to know what dreams are yours and what are the expectations of others. We are in a sensitive time that can bring on feelings of insecurity revealing the ways we may be spreading ourselves too thin. We may be also picking up on the insecurities of others in this psychic time. It is ok to say no, to focus on your dreams. Look up grounding techniques, cleansing rituals, and protection visualizations to stay present. 

On the 23rd we enter cardinal air Libra. Libra highlights partnerships of all kinds, relationships, and ways of relating. Coming from a place of introspection and introversion and taking our grounded selves into unions. We have a better idea of what we have to offer. Practice mega gentleness through these transitions. Know that all your feelings are valid and real. Use intuition and instinct to protect your boundaries, assert your limits, and to communicate love and gratitude.

Clair is a movement guide instructor @goodbodyfeel. Using body movement to contemplate self-connection and practice self-compassion. You can find most of her virtual activity on instagram: @invuvled 

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